Posted by Joe Dusting on 19th Feb 2020

2020 Green Initiative

In 2020, we aim to expand our range to incorporate an assortment of environmentally-friendly products along with a more sustainable means of shipping packaging, and recycling the goods we ship and receive.

Green shipping

We have migrated our courier to Sendle, Australia’s first 100% carbon-neutral delivery service. ~90% of products that are shipped via our Sandringham showroom will use this service, excluding those who elect to have their items shipped to a PO box.

Compostable packaging

Furthermore, 100% of goods dispatched from our showroom will use sustainable Hero packaging, a responsible alternative to plastic packaging. This packaging is created from corn starch and PBAT, both of which can be composted at home, at a composting facility or will biodegrade naturally if just sent to landfill. For more information on these bags, please visit our FAQ section. The link for their range of compostable mailers can be found here.

Adventure Safety has also begun the transition to environmentally friendly protective packaging to replace bubble wrap with Ranpak Geami Green Wrap. Green wrap is a protective packaging material made from SFI (sustainable forest initiative)/recycled materials and is 100% compostable and biodegradable. This form of packaging does not require plastic tape of any form.

Commitment to recycling

At Adventure Safety, we are constantly receiving shipments of new products to dispatch to our customers. With these shipments, comes excess plastic and other single-use products. The Adventure Safety team is committed to recycling 100% of plastics we receive from our suppliers along with any recyclable material such as cardboard and compostable mailers.